What is slow travel?

Slow travel essentially consists of two key parts: physical slow travel and cultural immersion. In finding a slower form of transport you can appreciate more the journey to a final destination and not just the destination itself. For example, by hopping on a plane you get from A to B in the quickest time, but have you considered what sights you could have seen and people you could have met on the way? It seems a shame that in anticipating the final destination you might run the risk of underappreciating all there is in-between.

The other key aspect of slow travel is cultural immersion. This means that the community becomes really important because engaging with the local community offers the most authentic experience for travellers. What’s more, immersing yourself means taking your time in that place, spending more than a few days there in order to truly get to know your new surroundings rather than passing over them in a rush. Slow travel means taking time to appreciate places at a deeper level.

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