Route of Somontano, a wine to remember

On this route we will cross a transition land between the Ebro valley and the Pyrenees to enjoy a benign microclimate for the vineyards, so the maturation of the grapes here in the Somontano, is ahead of the other Aragonese areas, being the most produced grape varieties the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Chardonnay.

We will taste slowly the intense flavour of the wine of Somontano and will learn in its museum the importance of the wine in this area, the love and passion for the wine and the food, but also we will stroll through its beautiful capital, Barbastro, with its unique heritage and beautiful and pristine historic town centre.

It would be unforgettable not to visit the wonderful Sierra de Guara, the largest protected natural area in Aragón, with its ravines, located in places of wild nature and spectacular beauty, a true paradise for adventure sports fans and one of the most famous villages in the old kingdom, Alquézar.

Our day tour will take us to the capital of the Somontano, Barbastro, where we will admire its beautiful old town, as a warming up for our wine taste.


Located at a confluence of roads, Barbastro has been an important commercial and service center since ancient times. Nowadays, it proudly shows the visitor its varied and valuable heritage, the fruit of its long history.

The Somontano capital surprises with its varied offer of attractions. Its most outstanding monument is the 16th century Cathedral of the Assumption, large in size and with spectacular ribbed vaults, and which contains a beautiful altarpiece, the work of the sculptor Damián Forment.

Somontano, foto de Turismo de Aragón

In the popular neighborhood Entremuro, a location where the Muslims founded the city in the 9th century, the city preserves its medieval layout of the streets, which are very narrow and steep, so we will need to slow our pace for a while… and enjoy i, in our way to the winery.

Ready to try one of the best wines of the country? In our visit we will be lucky enough to try all kind of wines, types, acidity, etc.. and understand how all are produced in this fortunate area with superb quality standards, a proper wine heaven on earth.

Bodegas Somontano, foto de Turismo de Aragón

With such glorious experience still fresh, we will head for lunch to an espectacular local menú in one our favorite and authentic restaurants of the area, with specialities of lamb and local vegetables available and abundant.

30 minutes drive from Barbastro, a perfect timing for siesta, we will start to admire the grandiose mountains which announce the Pirineos, we are arriving to Sierra de Guara, an enormous natural park full of wild rivers and spectacular landscapes, and not less spectacular little villages embedded in the region unashamed of their medieval charm, an example, Alquézar, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.


Declared a Historic-Artistic Site, the town of Alquézar will invite us to go back in time through a relaxing tour of its narrow cobbled streets and most emblematic corners, starting at the foot of its castle of Islamic origin, converted into a collegiate church after the Christian reconquest, while the waters of the cute Vero river flow through its last canyon before opening to the valley.

Alquézar, foto de Turismo de Aragón

Dedicated to Santa María, in the monumental collegiate church we will discover the traces what the different artistic currents have left here over the centuries. The visit to the town will not be complete until we reach the Plaza Mayor -one of the most charming places in the town-

The icing on the top to our fantastic slow experience will be our descend to the river through an accessible and easy path, to admire the true beauty of this landscapes forged by the river Vero and its beautiful turquoise waters.

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