Route of the passion. The sounds of Bajo Aragón and Luis Buñuel

On this day tour through the lowlands of Aragón, a bustling and fervent land, we will discover the magnificent Drum and Bombo Route, which make Easter an authentic visual and sound show well worth a visit. Calanda, Híjar, Alcañiz, Urrea de Gaen, Albalate del Arzobispo, etc.. each town with its own precious particularities.

But it is not only at Easter that Bajo Aragón shows its best face, since the legacy of the calandine filmmaker Luis Buñuel is present in this vast territory, and in his personal work, symbols, inspirations and Aragonese traditions are present that make him an icon cultural and a hallmark of the land


Bathed by the Guadalope river, the capital of Bajo Aragón and the second most important and populated city in Teruel, it is crowned by the castle of the Order of Calatrava, now converted into a National Parador.

Castillo de Alcañiz, foto de Turismo de Aragón

In addition to its imposing castle, the Plaza de España, framed by two of the most beautiful buildings in the city, is a mandatory stop in its historic center: the town hall, from the 16th century, and the fish market, which constituted the public market in the Middle Ages. Next to it, the tourist office, whose basements house a series of medieval passageways that testify to the importance that this city had during the Middle Ages.

Alcañiz is art and culture, but it is also the city of motor In Alcañiz there is also the already famous worldwide Motorland Aragón circuit, which hosts numerous international competitions, including one of the prizes of the Moto GP world championship.


Watered by the Guadalope and Guadalopillo rivers, and therefore a very rich orchard, where the famous Calanda Peach grows, it is famous the world over for being the cradle of one of the best and most influential film directors in the world, Luis Buñuel, and for hosting a unique and spectacular Easter.

Melocotón de Calanda, foto de Turismo de Aragón

The costumes of his Easter are tunic and purple thirdol, bass drum and drum. The peculiarity that distinguishes it from all the towns of La Ruta del Tambor and Bombo del Bajo Aragón is the moment chosen for per “Break the Hour”, being the only town that does so at noon on Good Friday.


Calanda’s Holy Week was attended whenever possible by its most illustrious neighbor, the filmmaker Luis Buñuel. In honor of his figure, the Buñuel Calanda Center was built, where he could learn a little more about this genius of surrealism and his work.

Calanda, foto de Turismo de Aragón


The Grutas de Cristal (Crystal caves), located in the Teruel town of Molinos, will take you on an exciting journey into the interior of the earth. Its formations of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, curtains and waterfalls, of the most varied colors and crystallizations, have made them indisputably worthy of their name.

Molinos, foto de Turismo de Aragón

The cave is a complex network of small rooms joined by short galleries filled with spectacular forms of stalagmites and stalactites. Its formations resemble curtains, columns and waterfalls, but, in addition to stones, this wonderful and overwhelming cavity houses a large number of fossil and living fauna

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